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17 septembre 2012 1 17 /09 /septembre /2012 13:21


De quoi coller le blues : Reverse Enginears compilent ici 30 ans de jeux video sur PC en 2:30. Ca rappelle des souvenirs...Combien en reconnaîtrez-vous ???

Voici la liste :

Zork/MULE/Dam Busters/Flight Simulator/Kings Quest: Quest For The Crown/DOS Ninja/Hard Hat Mack/Chess/Donkey/Lode Runner/Sid Meier’s Pirates/Burger Time/Galactix/Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego/Alley Cat/Pool of Radiance/Wizardry/Oregon Trail/Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of The Lounge Lizards/Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter/Defender of The Crown/Jeopardy!/Captain Power and The Soldier of The Future/Cannonball Blitz/Arctic Fox/California Raisins/High Rollers/Wavy Navy/Ultima/Sim City/Prince of Persia/Monkey Island 2/Lemmings/Wolfenstein 3D/Kings Quest VI/Dune II/Sam & Max Hit The Road/Command & Conquer: Red Alert/Supremacy/Civilization/Doom/Sim City 2000/Day of The Tentacle/Myst/Mech Warrior 2/Wing Commander 3/X-Com UFO Defense/Command & Conquer/Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness/Star Wars TIE Fighter/Elder Scrolls Arena/Warlords II/Duke Nukem 3D/Diablo/Elder Scrolls II/Starcraft/Heroes of Might and Magic III/Fallout/Blade Runner/Riven/Half-Life/Quake II/Counter Strike 1.6/Deus Ex/Star Wars: Knight of The Old Republic/Max Payne/Battlefield 1942/Medal of Honor: Allied Assault/Warcraft 3/Diablo II/Empire Earth/Unreal Tournament 2004/Splinter Cell/Half-Life 2/Hitman: Blood Money/Doom 3/Team Fortress 2/Left 4 Dead 2/Portal/Fallout 3/Dead Space 2/Gran Theft Auto 4/Borderlands/Amnesia/Civilization V/Starcraft 2/Limbo/Crysis 2/Deus Ex Machina/Minecraft/Portal 2/Dota 2/Diablo 3




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